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Why It Matters

Our work can save lives.

Our mission is to help all children with cancer, their families and caregivers. We have to raise funds, so we can continue to provide crucial, everyday support for them beyond their medical needs. And this support can sometimes mean the difference between life and death.

The reality of the fight

Take a real-life story with fictional names. Mrs. Tan, a mother caring for her daughter, Hazel who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 8. With medical costs rising, Mrs. Tan took on extra cleaning jobs to ensure Hazel could get the care she needed.

As her husband was also working full-time, Mrs. Tan had no choice but to take Hazel along with her to work. One day, Hazel suddenly collapsed. It turned out that Hazel was exposed to germs at her mother’s workplace and the infection destroyed her weakening immune system. Within a few days, Mrs. Tan had lost her daughter. But Hazel didn’t die of cancer; she died from an infection that could have been avoided.

If only Mrs. Tan had someone to reach out to for help. There are many such stories where families and their children lose the fight not because medicine has failed them, but because they are isolated and battling on their own, without any physical, financial and emotional support from a community within their reach.

Our purpose is to change that and help prevent these tragedies. We want to make sure that no one is ever forced into a corner by life’s circumstances, where they feel they have no choice and little hope. Through our work, we can provide the support these families need and potentially save lives. And that’s why we need you to help fund what we do.

The full costs of our work

Hospital Art Therapy & Community Art Session

Delivered by our in-house licensed art therapists, we provide art therapy:

  • For bedside inpatients and day clinic patients at NUH & KKH.
  • For children with cancer, we organise a weekly art session.
  • We conduct 1-1 online art therapy for immuno- compromised children with cancer who must stay home.

Annual Commitment:

Back to School Education Support

To help children recovering from cancer to reintegrate and return to school, we support children in their academic learnings with 1-1 online tutoring support.

Annual Commitment: $100,000

Care Coordinator (Patient Navigator)

LOVE, NILS co-funds a Care-Coordinator at National University Hospital as our patient navigation support.  She provides guidance to parents and caregivers through the maze of the healthcare system, as well as to give care and post hospital welfare to the children.

Annual Commitment: $80,000


Children go through fear and pain of treatments during their hospital stay. Toys donated by LOVE, NILS have been a source of comfort to them. LOVE, NILS deliver toys monthly to the paediatric cancer wards and clinics of 3 hospitals, KKH Women’s and Children’s Hospital, National University Hospital and Mount Alvernia Hospital.

Annual Commitment: $200,000

Calendar of Hope and Hospital Visits by Special Characters

We offer tickets for our beneficiaries regularly, these events help create excitement and joy for them and their families, allowing momentarily reprieve of a day off from cancer.  In addition, themed parties are organised for those who are out of the hospitals.  For those in the hospitals, we bring special dressed-up characters to bring cheer to them at their bedsides.

Annual Commitment: $30,000

Help us continue this life-changing work.



Fundraise for us, help at toy drives, give free tickets to events, provide your professional skills and more.

Corporate Partnership

Make us your company’s charity of choice, help us raise awareness and more.


Every donation helps them make a difference in the lives of children in need. Together, let’s spread love and kindness.


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