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Our Work

We see patients
as people.

In the fight against cancer, medical treatments tend to become the only source of hope. But guidance, emotional, social and community support are just as crucial. They can sometimes be the difference between life and death. LOVE, NILS works with respected medical and therapeutic professionals to ensure a holistic range of care and support for children with cancer and their caregivers.

Toy Drop

Children go through fear and pain of treatments during their hospital stay. Toys donated by LOVE, NILS have been a source of comfort to them. LOVE, NILS delivers toys monthly to the paediatric cancer wards and clinics of 3 hospitals (NUH, KKH & Mount Alvernia Hospital). We help bring the experience of a toy store to the children in the hospital so they can escape their daily treatment– even if only for a brief moment. In a small way, it also provides community and lets parents and caregivers know that they’re not alone. If you would like to donate NEW toys please email at 

Here is the toy wish list from our children

Hospital Art Therapy & Community Art Sessions

Delivered by our licensed art therapists, we provide art therapy for:

  • Bedside in-patients and day clinic patients at NUH & KKH.
  • Children with cancer outside of hospitals through our weekly art sessions.
  • Immuno-compromised children with cancer who must stay home, via 1 on 1 online art therapy sessions.
  • Children recovering or in remission from cancer during our weekly community art sessions every Saturday morning from 10am – 1pm, where siblings and family members are also welcome to participate in the activities.

Please contact our program team to register for our art sessions at 

Art Kits

We deliver specially curated art kits to children recovering from cancer to their homes every month. Keep the creativity flowing by emailing our  to have art kits delivered to your child.

Back to School Education Support

To help children recovering from cancer to reintegrate & return to school, we offer 1-on-1 online education support for selected core subjects. Email us at  for more details.

Calendar of Hope & Hospital Visits by Special Characters

We offer tickets for our beneficiaries regularly. These events help create excitement and joy for them and their families, allowing momentarily reprieve of a day off from cancer.  Fun themed parties are organised for those who are recuperating out of the hospitals. 

For those in the hospitals, we bring special dressed-up characters, such as Captain America, Marvel heroes to bring cheer to them at their bedsides.

Email us at  for more details.

Care Coordinator

LOVE, NILS co-funds a Care Coordinator at NUH to provide patient navigation support. She offers guidance to parents and caregivers through the complexities of the healthcare system and provides care and post-hospital support to the children.


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