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Our Story

Hope and support for children with cancer.

At LOVE, NILS, we provide emotional, social and community support to cancer patients and caregivers. We guide them through the healthcare system, provide professional therapies, community support and more. As a registered charity, our goal is to be there for them before, during and after treatment, every step of the way.


To be a beacon of hope and resilience for paediatric cancer patients and their caregivers in Singapore.


To support children with cancer and their caregivers with much needed healthcare guidance, emotional care plus social and community support that will enable them to thrive.

To champion the cause of childhood cancer awareness, advocating for early detection and timely intervention to save young lives.

Our Founder – Lesli Berggren

Her Story

In 2012, Lesli Berggren’s son, Nils, was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma cancer. This ordeal forever changed their lives and everyone around them. It pushed her to start LOVE, NILS, which she now devotes her life to.


Honoring a fighter

During his battle with cancer, Nils wrote letters to family and friends asking for prayers and strength. He always signed off as “Love, Nils”. And now, LOVE, NILS the charity will continue to embody his hope and fighting spirit.


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